Marielle van Uitert (1973) documentary photographer, graduated from the Dutch School for Photography Amsterdam and Boxtel. Van Uitert made both a wide range of features in Afghanistan, embedded as unembedded, in Iraq, Syria, Gaza, West Bank, El Salvador, Colombia, Bangladesh, Rwanda, Lebanon, Mexico etc.


Her book Bye Bye Bullshit, 29868 minutes with the last Dutch patrols in Afghanistan 2010 was published in 2011. In 2010 she was second prize winner overall for the United Nations Development Programme in New York featuring the picture ‘Liquid Gold’ which she made in the Central African Republique for Cordaid. She was first price winner for the Zilveren Camera 2015, foreign documentary (series), second prize winner for the Zilveren Camera 2011, foreign news and first price winner for the Italian IntimaLente/Visual Ethnography 2015, Phototales: God is not for girls. In 2016 she was shortlisted for the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards. In 2017 she was first price winner for the Italian IntimaLente/Visual Ethnography 2017, Phototales: Duterte's War on Drugs. Zilveren Camera 2nd price series 2019 War on drugs Mexico, 2021 Zilveren Camera 1st price series Nature and Science/Dead wolves serve science


In 2013 she published a book Blik op de Oorlog/Faces of War including 6 years of war-photography simultaneously with her exhibition in NM Kamp Vught. Van Uitert about her work: “I make many features around the world for both NGOs and private work. It is my passion to show war through small and personal stories in order to give vivacious wars, violence or poverty a personal face. The tears of an Afghan mother are the same as the tears of a Dutch mother”. In 2016 she published a book Duizend Ogen which contains work of the past 12 years.


"The tears of an Afghan mother are the same as the tears of a Dutch mother"

Bye Bye Bullshit


First Price Foreign Documentary Series/gang violence in El Salvador/2015

Foreign news single 2nd price/after the death of Osama Bin Laden/2011

De Zilveren Camera

© 2015 by Marielle van Uitert


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A View of War

A document in images of the past and the present. ism Museum Bronbeek en Koninklijk Tehuis voor Oud Militairen.

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