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2019-now Feature of the wolf/Canis lupus (ongoing project)

2024 Feature on the wolfhunt in Sweden

2023 Feature on the Maned wolf Brazil

2021 Feature on the Ethiopian wolf in Bale Mountains Ethiopia

2018 Feature of the Mexican war on drugs/Narcocity - Ciudad Juárez

2017 Feature of Duterte's war on drugs Philippines

2017 Feature of the battle of Western Mosul/Iraq

2017 Feature of the battle of Eastern Mosul/Iraq

2016 Feature of eye care in Cambodia - Eye Care Foundation

2016 Feature FARC Colombia

2016 Feature Mali (Gao, Bamako and Menaka) - embed MINUSMA


2015 Feature of refugees in Balkan/Greece

2015 Feature of SOS Kinderdorpen in Morocco - Vebego Foundation
2015 Feature of gang violence El Salvador
2015 Feature of hidden female shelters in Afghanistan/Kabul

2014 Feature of transgender prostitutes Sicilia
2014 Feature of boat refugees Catania
2014 Feature of the Gaza war
2014 Feature of acid attacks on women in Bangladesh
2014 Feature of protests at Maidan square Kiev/Ukraine

2013 Feature of typhoon Haiyan/Philippines destruction
2013 Feature of the Kurdish struggle in Turkey and Iraq/Mothers of PKK Fighters

2012 Feature of the war in Syria - Aleppo/Azaz
2012 Feature of Syrian refugees in Lebanon at Syrian border
2012 Feature of refugee camps & Free Liberation Army at Turkish Syrian border
2012 Feature of eye care in Laos - Eye Care Foundation
2012 Feature of street girls in Kumasi/Ghana - Vebego Foundation

2011 Feature Afghanistan (Paktika) - embed American 101st Airborne
2011 Feature of school-project in South Africa - Vebego Foundation

2010 Feature of eyecare in Ghana - Eye Care Foundation
2010 Feature of disabled people in Sri Lanka - Vebego Foundation
2010 Follow-up Afghanistan (Uruzgan, Kandahar) - embed Dutch ISAF
2010 Feature of HIV and orphanage in Central African Republique - Cordaid

2009 Feature of eyecare in Nepal - Eye Care Foundation
2009 Feature Iraq, Baghdad - embed American 82nd Airborne
2009 Assignment Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maxime Verhagen - Israel, Syria, West Bank
2009 Private project West Bank, Hebron

2008 Feature Afghanistan (Kabul, Jalalabad) - Unembedded - HealthNet TPO
2008 Feature Afghanistan (Uruzgan, Kandahar) - embed Dutch ISAF
2008 Photo essay on the Batwa in Rwanda - Forest Peoples Project

2007 Private project Andalusia Semana Santa

2006 Street project Antwerp Orthodox Jews 
2006 Feature Egypt Bedouins Dahab
2006 Feature Stone Town Zanzibar Youth
2006 Feature Kenya/Tanzania Maasai


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